Clément Marshall

Home IT assistant - Paris, France

Service already provided include:

Administrative help

  • Review of your telephone and internet bills to reduce costs
  • Market study and advice before purchase of electronics and software
  • Advice and assistance prior and following a move of residence

Internet connexion

  • Advice on choosing the provider and technology : DSL (Broadband), fibre optic, cable, dégroupage total, ligne france télécom
  • Choosing commercial offers, subscription and follow-up until completion
  • Initial setup, and tests
  • If internet is down, hunting down the falt and fixing it
  • Liason with the provider helpline
  • Television over internet, via set-top-box or in browser

Local area networking

  • Advice, laising with architect in extended dwellings to prevent dark spots
  • Configuring and securing WIFI
  • Connecting Wifi devices

Broadband, fiber-optic, cable

  • Setup or diagnostic of an internet box (modem/router)
  • TV over the internet : setup, common usage and fixing
  • Voice over IP (telephone over internet) : setup, common usage and fixing


  • Search of the cause of a fault
  • Printer: Setup, network configuration, diagnostic, unjamming without teardown
  • Unpacking and startup of a new computer or device
  • Setup of a computer peripheral


  • Recovery from a backup or attempt to from a faulty disk
  • Adapting a backup stategy for your needs and setting it up.
  • Security deleting private data prior to disposal or sale of your computer
  • Recovery and transfer of data from old computer to new.
  • Thorough antivirus check and de-gnoming your browser

Operating systems

  • Help with Android phones and tablets
  • Assistance on Apple iPhones, iPads / iOS / iTunes
  • Assistance in solving Apple MacOs problems
  • Solving Microsoft Windows issues
  • Installing Ubuntu operating system in lieu of Windows or MacOs (intel)


  • Installing, configuring and control of Antivirus software
  • Seting-up of email accounts in email client software
  • Training for common software
  • Installing software
  • Designing Template Documents for your need

Internet, Web

  • Cleanup extensions, startpage, bookmarks
  • Assistance in recovering access to internet accounts, email and preventing privacy attacks
  • Help using social networks, tuning privacy options