Clément Marshall

IT assistance - Paris

Call: +33 6 31 35 33 55

I can help:

  • To make your computer simply fit your needs.
  • To set-up your computer, electronic devices, wifi, etc
  • To solve computer problems, prevent risks and data loss.


  • Calm and pedagogue - Correct langage - no jargon.
  • Handles Macs and PCs with the same ease.
  • Legitimate: invoice, no cash and tax cut certificate issued to fiscal residents. Payment by cheque and Paypal.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Ecological: transport by foot, bicycle and public transport.
  • Help is possible over the internet after a first acquaintance with Teamviewer (billed by the mn)


  • Technician Superior in Scientific Research Intrumentation : DUT Mesures Physiques, Paris 7
  • BEng Honnors Software Engineering, Napier University, Edinbourgh

Clément Marshall
18 rue Gambetta
93100 Montreuil France

Auto-Entrepreneur, No SIREN : 793 214 677
Service à la Personne n° 793214677